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  • Tommy P. - Coke County Texas +

    After (self-induced?) delivery wonkiness (final shipper had 45 miles to reach my residential delivery point..entire county population is 3,400 people)...unloading bottom layer of ½ ton (six varieties) pallet load, one bag snagged on pallet flaw and got small tear... decide to "eyes on" product... poured torn bag into storage container.. also curious to see how much dust (other pellets I've seen/used had plenty)... here... zero, nada, NONE, nary a speck... at a price better than all others!! These guys are the real deal....  
  • Unnamed +

    Just received my shipment of wood pellets! Was a great online experience I must say. There are alot of moving parts when dealing in truck freight shippments but Seth made it a smooth, seamless delivery I'll we will be making another soon. Meanwhile, we have alot of smoking to do!
  • Brad C. +

    Found this site on the web and looked at all the reviews that have been submitted and decided to give it a try. They are spot on with everything. Very responsive to emails (within 24 hours), Shipping costs are respectable, and the customer service is second to none. Thank you and will definitely be ordering again.
  • Mat +

    I found BBQpelletsonline when searching for a new supplier. Seth was a great help and ordered a half ton. The pellets were picked up at the trucking company at my convenience and the pallet was slid onto my pickup. This weekend going to make some pulled lamb. Thank you Seth!
  • Chad +

    I ordered a half ton mixed lot (OHC & Pecan) and had them delivered to a local warehouse. Pick-up was relatively effortless and only had one bag suffer the fate of an ill-placed forklift fork (only a few pounds lost in transit). I've burned a bag of each type of pellet in my Yoder YS-640 and have been nothing but pleased with the end result. The thin blue smoke output is consistent and the flavor in the food is wonderful. A great product with exceptional customer support to accompany! The delivery went very well, the driver was courteous, the pellets arrived in excellent condition at the designated time. Would recommend your company to others. Look forward to doing business with you again.
  • Frank S. - Dubuque, Iowa +

    I purchased a ton of pellets they have a great variety to choose from, The shipping was affordable and the quality of pellets are second to none. You save me a ton of money,  I will  definitely order again
  • Troy & Cathy +

    We received our first pallet of pellets this week. They were nicely palletized will slide right into the pallet racks. Ordering was a breeze, Seth is great to work with. Can't wait to start up the grill this weekend. Thanks to all for the great service!! T Bare
  • Chris D. - Watkins, CO +

    Thanks for the great customer service. The pellets arrived as advertised. I cook on a Traeger in bulk, and was in the market for 40lb. bags with a variety of wood pellet options, so this should work out great. Thanks, 
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