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  • Troy & Cathy +

    We received our first pallet of pellets this week. They were nicely palletized will slide right into the pallet racks. Ordering was a breeze, Seth is great to work with. Can't wait to start up the grill this weekend. Thanks to all for the great service!! T Bare
  • D. Hayes - Missouri +

    Great customer service, I appreciate the help and follow up.  I recieved my order and everything looks great, I cant wait to start smoking with the new pellets. 
  • BBQ Pellets in South Carolina ~ Brent Good +

    Pellets arrived on Friday. Thanks for the help. I did a brisket, pork butts and ribs over the weekend and it turned out great. Fantastic flavor from the MHC blend
  • Bill +

    Thank you for quick effecient service and I will be in touch again when I burn though this load.
  • Jeff +

    Everything was really easy from start to finish. Seth was very responsive and answered all my questions. The pickup went great. They dropped the pellets right next to my truck and the guy even helped us load it! The pellets themselves are great...I started with a bag of maple and also made several containers of my own blends. I will definitely order a full pallet again! Thanks!
  • Hunter C. - Columbia, SC +

    My order and delivery of one ton of mixed pellets could not have been easier. Delivery was on time and the order accurate.  Dealing with BBQPelletsOnline gets five stars from me.
  • Kevin F. - Waynesville, MO +

    Ok here goes: delivery: not one broken bag in a 1/4 ton, a residential delivery right to my door, delivered a day ahead of schedule. The product has smaller pellets than what my grill shipped with. What that means is quicker starts and less ash. I've used the OHC blend and the flavor is spot on for chicken. The brick and mortar local has pellets for 17 bucks for twenty pounds not including taxes one flavor only. At BBQ Pellets the price point is @ 13.36 for a 1/4 ton and even less for a 1/2. Great company with good communication. The shipping company invoice said 50 items and I panicked, pretty neat when an owner emails to tell you it was a mistake! I'm definitely a big fan. You won't regret buying from this company!K. A. Finn
  • Keith +

    Thanks for your continued follow up here. They arrived just as you said they would and everything went great. They looked to be in great shape and wraped up good and tight. Thanks again and I have some buddies that will be going in with me on my next order.
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