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  • D. Hayes - Missouri +

    Great customer service, I appreciate the help and follow up.  I recieved my order and everything looks great, I cant wait to start smoking with the new pellets. 
  • Richard +

    The pellets made it here without any problem. I would like to thank BBQ Pellets for the prompt response to my order and questions. I would recommend BBQ pellets to anyone that is looking for a company that response quickly and stands buy there product. Once more I would like to thank BBQ Pellets Online for all there help.
  • Stan +

    Picked them up yesterday without any problems. The local depot slid the pallet of pellets on the pickup. Far better this way than off loading onto by pickup from the truck. Thank you BBQPelletsOnline
  • M. Bailey from Bloomfield IA +

    I burnt some Mesquite today and had excellent results. We did some chicken with it tonight and it turned out GREAT. All I can say is keep the quality up like that and you won't have a bit of trouble getting repeat customers.
  • Tommy P. - Coke County Texas +

    After (self-induced?) delivery wonkiness (final shipper had 45 miles to reach my residential delivery point..entire county population is 3,400 people)...unloading bottom layer of ½ ton (six varieties) pallet load, one bag snagged on pallet flaw and got small tear... decide to "eyes on" product... poured torn bag into storage container.. also curious to see how much dust (other pellets I've seen/used had plenty)... here... zero, nada, NONE, nary a speck... at a price better than all others!! These guys are the real deal....  
  • Brock A.. - Edgewater, Maryland +

    BBQPelletsOnline has been great to work with.  Our last distributor for pellets had us on a 3 month lead time. These guys have gotten us back in the game within a weeks time.  Thank you so much, our customers are happy once again!!! Hopefully we will be making another order very soon!!
  • D. Youngren - Custer, South Dakota +

    We purchased our first bulk load of pellets from and were amazed at the customer service.  Everything from their prompt shipping quote to their follow-up on shipment arrival was excellent.  We will definitely order our next pellets from them!
  • D. Katzman - Cheshire, Connecticut +

    BBQ pellets on line was the easiest & least expensive of all of the bulk pellet sellers I've ever dealt with, and I've been buying pellets for years. The prices are honest and LOW, the freight has no mark up added to it, and the quality was as good as any other expensive pellet I've ever bought! Plus Seth and Rob were just good guys and really easy to deal with!! If you want to save big $$ and get great quality go with these guys!!!!!
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