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  • Ryan - Maryland +

    Ordering through was made easy with great customer support.  They reached out to me personally over the phone a few days after my first email quote and explained how ordering a large quantity (1 ton) works. Seth worked me through the whole process and I was able to get a delivery sent to my dad's house in time for a surprise present.  To quote my dad, "Thanks a ton!"
  • Mike J. - Bowling Green, OH +

    I was looking for a way to buy smoking pellets cheaper, and this was a smoking deal! And after talking to Seth the more we buy the better the deal. I am looking forward to ordering more!  
  • Tommy P. - Coke County Texas +

    After (self-induced?) delivery wonkiness (final shipper had 45 miles to reach my residential delivery point..entire county population is 3,400 people)...unloading bottom layer of ½ ton (six varieties) pallet load, one bag snagged on pallet flaw and got small tear... decide to "eyes on" product... poured torn bag into storage container.. also curious to see how much dust (other pellets I've seen/used had plenty)... here... zero, nada, NONE, nary a speck... at a price better than all others!! These guys are the real deal....  
  • D. Max - Johnston, Iowa +

    This is my second time ordering and have been pleased with both the product and the service. Seth and Rob are great, they respond quickly to all kinds of inquiries.  I have found the pellets to be of great quality with an affordable price.  Delivery is fast and have not been disappointed with any flavor of pellets! I can't say enough good things about this product!
  • Steve V. - Lewisville, TX +

    We bought a ton of pellets and shipping was and the quality of pellets are second to none.  I will  definitely order again from
  • Casey J. - Holt Summits, MO +

    I just received my second pellet order from BBQPelletsOnline. First was a ¼ ton and the one I just received was ½ ton. Both Seth and Rob had great communication with me from the moment I asked for a quote, to the end after I received my pellets. About the pellets, my Yoder grill had no problems with the Lumber Jack Pellets, they seemed to burn clean and nothing but ash was left. July 2014 my family had a rib cook off and I won. I used Lumber Jack blend of pellets (Maple, Hickory and Cherry) the others used charcoal with hickory chunks, the judges liked my ribs because of the sweeter smoke taste. Thanks for all your assistance.  I know I will be ordering these again.
  • Keith +

    Thanks for your continued follow up here. They arrived just as you said they would and everything went great. They looked to be in great shape and wraped up good and tight. Thanks again and I have some buddies that will be going in with me on my next order.
  • Chad +

    I picked the pellets up this morning at the warehouse, which was actually way more convenient than me having to be home. Looking forward to the weekend to try them out! You made it a great transaction overall.
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