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  • Stan +

    Picked them up yesterday without any problems. The local depot slid the pallet of pellets on the pickup. Far better this way than off loading onto by pickup from the truck. Thank you BBQPelletsOnline
  • Dave +

    I just wanted to tell you great job with my pellet order. Hope to do it again in the future. Thanks again, Dave
  • Jeff +

    Everything was really easy from start to finish. Seth was very responsive and answered all my questions. The pickup went great. They dropped the pellets right next to my truck and the guy even helped us load it! The pellets themselves are great...I started with a bag of maple and also made several containers of my own blends. I will definitely order a full pallet again! Thanks!
  • J. Jones - Salina, KS +

    Great product. Will never go back to any other brand of pellet. Seth and Rob provide excellent customer service from start to finish and after the delivery. Many more tons are going to be ordered. I can't say enough about 
  • Keith +

    Thanks for your continued follow up here. They arrived just as you said they would and everything went great. They looked to be in great shape and wraped up good and tight. Thanks again and I have some buddies that will be going in with me on my next order.
  • D. Max - Johnston, Iowa +

    This is my second time ordering and have been pleased with both the product and the service. Seth and Rob are great, they respond quickly to all kinds of inquiries.  I have found the pellets to be of great quality with an affordable price.  Delivery is fast and have not been disappointed with any flavor of pellets! I can't say enough good things about this product!
  • Ki F. - Eagle, NE +

    I highly recommend Lumberjack Pellets because they yield the most smoke and provide the best flavor of any pellets I have used; not to mention they are the most economical.  If you have not tried them you need to.
  • Steven C. - Hastings, MI +

    Thanks to Seth and Rob again for processing my 2nd quarter ton order.  Your product, prices, and service would be hard to beat.
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